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One Factor Influencing Opioid Prescription Habits?

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For payers, identifying doctors who write more opioid prescriptions can be key for any successful opioid management program. Using the one factor influencing opioid prescription habits, payers can target education improving the overall provider network performance. Physicians trained at the United States’ lowest-ranked medical schools write more opioid prescriptions than physicians trained at the highest-ranked schools, according to a study by Princeton University.

Offer Health Insurance: Big Employers Vow to Continue

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The shrinking unemployment rate has been a healthy turn for people with job-based benefits. Eager to attract help in a tight labor market and unsure of Obamacare’s future, large employers are newly committed to offer health insurance and maintain coverage for workers and often their families, according to new research and interviews with analysts.

CBO Report: Effects of Terminating Payments for CSRs

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The federal deficit would grow by $194 billion over 10 years if the Trump administration stops reimbursing private insurers for lowering out-of-pocket expenses for individuals under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a report issued today by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Medicare Advantage Projected Market Growth Creates Untapped Opportunities for Insurers

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Despite rapid-fire growth that has resulted in upwards of 33% of all Medicare beneficiaries now being enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, few health plans are proactively marketing their offerings to consumers and all but a select few plans are falling short when it comes to successfully addressing provider integration and access to care for their members. Those are the key findings of the J.D. Power 2017 Medicare Advantage Study.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: Lessons From 9 States

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The CDC released a report Integrating & Expanding Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Data: Lessons from Nine States detailing a promising strategy for addressing the prescription opioid overdose epidemic. The study focused on improving the use of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs)...

Medicaid Under-Utilization Group Demographics: Where’s Growth?

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Possible opportunities for growth, for payers and providers connected with the Medicaid systems in eligible states, exist in the continually low enrollments in Medicaid Savings Programs.  The Medicaid under-utilization group demographics emerged through a recently released report from Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC).

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