5 Keys Ways to Improve Medication Adherence

Improving medication adherence is a constant struggle within the healthcare world. Did you know that it's estimated that between 20% to 50% of patients are non-adherent? This blog will discuss how technology and communication are helping to improve the growing issue of non-adherence.

Standardizing Patient Care with Clinical Pathways

Think of clinical pathways as maps: imagine a patient coming into the emergency room with abdominal pain. That’s a pretty non-specific complaint, and it could easily send an ER docs mind spinning with possibilities. With this common complaint the patient’s condition could run the gamut from a mild case of indigestion to a potentially fatal acute abdomen: and it’s up to the doctor to suss out what’s causing the patient’s pain before their condition worsens.

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Hospital Readmissions Are Costing Us $26 Billion Annually

Healthcare has become something of a hard science, if the focus on data and numbers is any indication. It would seem that the research, the endless reporting and spreadsheets of healthcare administration, has served to at least shed light on the problems healthcare is currently facing as an industry - but the fix isn’t likely to be in black and white.

Healthcare 2014 – A Retrospective

As 2014 draws to a close, many of us in the healthcare industry are looking back at the year we’ve had and reflect on what worked, what needs to change and what we can expect for 2015. As an industry, healthcare saw a continued move towards accountable care, shared decision making, value-based purchasing and patient satisfaction measures. Buzzwords abound, there was a lot for everyone - providers, patients and payers - to juggle this year. And it looks like the trend is apt to continue into 2015.

Forming Alliances to Mitigate Risk – Payer Provider Perspective

We hear a lot about bi-partisanship in politics - but what about healthcare? Sometimes it seems like the payers and the providers, the administrative and the clinical, are across the aisle from one another in more ways than one, and it brings to mind the challenges faced by politicians who just can’t see from the other side’s perspective. While politics shoulders many competing agendas, when it comes to healthcare the bottom line is the same no matter where you are: good health for the best price. This is even true of the patient’s themselves, who are becoming more and more concerned with the cost of the services they receive - and using the internet to find out if there’s a better “bargain” on care somewhere else.

5 Challenges Hospitals Face in 2015

You might be thinking - “Just five challenges?!” and it’s true that the healthcare industry is facing many challenges at the moment. Five of them, however, are most specific to hospitals. We often think of hospitals as the “front lines” of healthcare, and while it may be true that the majority of practicing physicians, nurses and allied health professionals find employment there, new data shows that one vital piece of the hospital picture might be missing: patients.

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