Is the Triple Aim in Sight?

Back in 2007, the healthcare industry was introduced to a little concept called The Triple Aim. The major motivation for which is improving population health through a three pronged framework: Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); Improving the health of populations; and Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

6 Ways You Might Be Unwittingly Making a HIPAA Violation

With all this talk about making patient records more accessible to care teams via the magic of the electronic record, HIPAA and HITECH— the two laws that govern patient privacy — might seem like a bit of a downer. They serve a very explicit purpose, however, and ensuring that you are always in compliance will not only save you legal woes, but money in the form of fines and penalties for breaches. There are some obvious breaches of confidentiality that we must strive to avoid: you would never, for instance, post to all your Facebook followers the name, diagnosis and prognosis of a particularly difficult patient that you had today. What you might do instead, though, is go home and tell your spouse all about it. That’s a HIPAA violation.

Healthcare Industry Trends for 2015

As the new year is quickly approaching, now is the time to start looking to the future and strategizing for the continually changing environment of the healthcare industry. This next year will bring many continued initiatives that the industry has been moving toward in recent years, but possibly at a quicker pace than we've been used to. It's hard to be certain what to expect in 2015, but we've gathered some helpful insights to project what trends we may see continue on in the new year.

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