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5 Trends in Business Analytics and Technology that are Improving Healthcare

Wearable tech in healthcare

There has always been change in the healthcare industry, but the pace of change has recently sped up. Medical practitioners are highly knowledgeable and work hard towards being in line with the latest industry research. However, they can’t possibly keep in mind everything they should for each situation.

Even with access to massive amounts of data for the comparison of treatment outcomes, they still need expertise, time to analyze that data, and have it integrated with the medical profile of the patient. Such an in-depth research and statistical analysis goes beyond the scope of a physician. While relying on clinical data and claims data has value, there is a great opportunity for organizations to take their health efforts to the next level by integrating both claims and clinical data. Here are the major technological trends in healthcare right now.

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Study: More Collaboration Aids Health Care For At-Risk Populations

healthcare collaboration

By teaming with community organizations, doctors and hospitals can deliver high-quality care at good value to disadvantaged people at risk for poor health, according to a new report from a panel of experts. The report released Thursday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine was produced to aid Medicare officials studying how to fairly pay hospitals that disproportionately serve patients with social risk factors for health problems. Those factors include low income, social isolation, disadvantaged neighborhoods and limited health literacy.

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Deal On New Managed Care Tax Imminent in California

New Managed Care Tax

Two major players in the health insurance industry have endorsed a proposed new tax on managed care plans after seven months of challenging negotiations aimed at preventing huge state budget cuts. The revamped tax, included in a bill that was filed Monday in both houses of the state legislature, is needed to avoid a $1.1 billion hole in the state’s health care budget come June. It replaces a similar levy that will expire June 30 after being rejected by the federal government.

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Rural Hospitals Face Financial Pressure

rural hospitals face financial pressure

Rural Hospitals Face Financial Pressure Rural Hospitals Face Financial Pressure according to a recent article MOUNT VERNON, Texas—Despite residents’ concerns and a continuing need for services, the 25-bed hospital that served this small East Texas town for more than 25

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How a Specialty EHR System Affects Patient Experience

EHR and the Patient Experience

How a Specialty EHR System Affects Patient Experience  Customer experience is a big deal for businesses today, which is only natural. A business can’t survive without its customers, so it’s to their benefit to offer the best possible experience for

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8 Benefits of EHRs: For Those Who Haven’t Made The Transition

Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Health Records

Skeptical about making the switch to an electronic health record? Do you wish to improve upon your billing system management? Continue reading to learn some of the largest benefits of going electronic and decide for yourself in the end.

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Guest Editorial: Innovation in Healthcare is Not a Technology

health it, innovation, healthcare

This week’s Guest Opinion/Editorial comes Christopher Wynder is the Director of Client Services for ThinkDox.

Depending on the blog, survey, or new product review that you read “healthcare” is either: in a crisis caused by technology or is about to be saved by technology.

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Common Revenue Cycle Management Pitfalls to Avoid

common revenue cycle management pitfalls to avoid

When asked what the key to success is, most business owners will tell you the ability to stay competitive in the marketplace. Staying competitive is particularly important in the health care field where the financial success of a physician practice is fundamentally based on provider productivity and revenue cycle management. A practice that’s unable to reduce revenue leaks and increase their bottom line will have a hard time staying afloat.

When it comes to minimizing costs and managing revenue, medical practices of all sizes make the same mistakes. Here are 7 common RCM pitfalls to avoid at all costs.

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Why Digital Health Is Beneficial To Clinical Trials

In the world of healthcare, time is always of the essence. Researchers are continuously looking for new solutions to help improve patients’ well-being and ultimately save lives. The discovery process of new treatments takes an enormous amount of time and resources in order to generate good evidence to prove that they are safe and that it works. Throw in the ever increasing regulatory demands, and it could be decades before new medications and treatments can be available to patients who need them. The emergence of new digital health technologies will hopefully change this. Here are a few examples of how.

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3 Health IT Infographics You Need To Read Today

health IT infographics

There is no better way to end the week than with some great informative and beautifully designed infographics. This week’s round up includes everything from Health IT trends to the trends of Health IT purchasing. Whether you are thinking about implementing ICD-10 or allocating resources for a new EMR/EHR system, these infographics are bound to get your brain moving. In some of our most recent blog posts we’ve touched on need-to-know telehealth terms and how to approach mobile health safety, so if you are interested take a look in our archives!

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