Mobile Health and Data Safety: Convenience vs. Privacy

Technology may be revolutionizing the healthcare industry but while mobile health applications and cloud-based management are convenient, many think they may be compromising the privacy of healthcare data. The debate, which is so multifaceted there isn't one way of looking at it, centers around how the healthcare industry can embrace mobile health while still securing patient data. In light of the Anthem breach earlier this year, the issue is becoming even more of a hot topic.

5 Tips For Educating Your Employees on HIPAA Compliance

If you read our most recent blog on HIPAA violations, you know that employee error is one of the five most common HIPAA violations. It could be a lost electronic device or an unintentional error, but either way a breach can drastically effect your organization. Employees that work with patient data are essential to keeping your organization HIPAA compliant. From hold trainings to having a foolproof social media policy, here are 5 tips for helping your employees understand HIPAA compliance.

How To Recover From a HIPAA Breach

If you find yourself in the midst of a HIPAA breach, your first instinct might be to panic, but you need not. While a security breach of any kind is a high stress event, keeping cool headed and following tried and true breach recovery protocols will help you avoid further trouble down the line.

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Helping Patients Quantify Their Health Data: The Quantified Self Movement

The Quantified Self Movement was started back in 2007 by a group of bloggers at Wired Magazine who began blogging about the concept of “life logging” or, as it’s sometimes called, humanistic intelligence. The implications of this technological innovation have widespread implications for healthcare improvement, and tech megaliths like Apple and Sony have been anxious to get their piece of the pie by racing to develop apps and wearable tech for patients.

Healthcare IT: Will 2015 Be the Year of Data Breaches?

A month into 2015 and it’s already become apparent that it’s going to be a big year for healthcare IT. In the aftermath of the Ebola Outbreak — which made several touchdowns on U.S. soil— there has been an intense focus on how electronic medical records can prevent similar events from happening in the future. EMRs have consistently been tapped as hospitals work to avoid sentinel events (sometimes called “never-events” as in, they should never happen) and the prevention of an outbreak certainly qualifies as such.

Wearable Tech in Healthcare

You've probably heard people talking about wearable tech--whether it's a new smart watch, Google Glass, etc. It's becoming increasingly popular, and more and more industries are preparing for this next wave of technological advancement. But where is wearable tech's place in the healthcare environment? Today, we'll look at just a few ways we're seeing a positive impact from wearable tech in healthcare.

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