AHCA Impact On Providers

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) made its debut. Not many people in government and healthcare industries expect quick passage of the AHCA in its initial form, but understanding the differences with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) sets a framework for how providers prepare for the final version. Fair to say, every organization must make adjustments and the pressures for building internal organization-level efficiencies increase.

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Free Webinar: Beyond Concordance Rates

Free Webinar: Beyond Concordance Rates: BHM’s New Innovations for Improving the Peer Review Process BHM Healthcare Solutions debuts its exciting new web-based suite of data reporting tools! BHM is at the forefront of data mining allowing clients to do a deeper dive on case data. Unlike any other reporting tool in the market today, BHM’s peer review system facilitates more data capture, data mining - analysis, reporting and review. Managing your case data more effectively will reduce costs, improve productivity, and maximize your resources.

1300% Spike In Opioid Spending

The opioid epidemic is a real concern for health plans and providers. BHM understands the importance of how data […]

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2017? A Peek at What’s Next

Healthcare trends are crucial to watch, as they help organizations predict changes in the industry and can help then make critical improvements to the way they do business. In previous week's we looked at payer trends and payment trends. This week we are homing in on medical cost trends for 2017. From retail clinics to PBMs, there are many trends impacting healthcare spending.

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Mid-Year Update: 4 Major Payer Trends

Q3 is in full swing and now is the time to look at what healthcare trends will bring us into 2017. Many payers are looking at current healthcare trends to help predict changes in the marketplace and isolate places of improvement. From data security to value based payments, it has been a big year for healthcare. Here 4 of the biggest trends payers can expect to hit in Q4 and continue into 2017.

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