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Independent Review Services:
Welcome to Medwork
Medwork specializes in medical necessity and experimental treatment issues. Medwork provides high quality reviews that are free from conflict of interest for healthcare entities that require a neutral third-party opinion.

Reviews are fair and impartial and benefit both the provider and the patient. Medwork helps to improve the quality of medicine and enhance healthcare, ensuring healthcare services are provided in the most appropriate manner possible.

Medwork provides independent, external reviews that assist insurance payers, state regulatory agencies, and medical and claims managers achieve cost control and provide the right care for each patient.
Medwork IRO Surgical Review
Creating a Win-Win:
Today’s healthcare environment is growing increasingly complex with changing regulatory requirements, evolving standards of care, and the advancing complexity of medical procedures. Payers in the healthcare industry must ensure that everyone receives the care they deserve and control costs at the same time. Evidence-Based Medicine creates a Win-Win situation.
Consumers Win:
  • Quality improvement of medical care
  • Reduction of unnecessary surgery/procedures that are dangerous and costly
  • Lowered healthcare costs
  • Insurance policy benefits preserved for future care
Medical Community Wins:
  • Doctors are educated on national standards of care
  • Public trust is restored in modern health care
  • Litigation is decreased
Insurance Companies and Self Insurers
  • Increased predictability of costs
  • Reduced premium increases
  • Litigation is decreased