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Why Use BHM Physician Advisor Services

The BHM Difference

BHM provides unparalleled Peer Review, Physician Advisor, and URAC Accredited Independent Reviews.  We distinguish ourselves through quality work, ongoing training, full compliance, and the latest technology to deliver services which our customers have rated the best in the industry.  Find out more about the BHM difference today.

Proprietary PRS Portal® offers cutting edge technology to save you time and money

Easy to Use
Plug and Play accessibility combined with a user friendly interface and no cap on the number of users means expedited start times and decreased administrative costs.

Effective and Efficient
Process and technology designed to help reduce internal administrative time for the peer review process, while providing superior support.

The error proof portal design ensures that your staff will see a decrease in timely and cost comsumptive entry errors.

BHM customizes our process and our portal for each of our clients, including; clinical coverage policies, criteria, regulatory guidelines, and custom reporting giving you a custom fit solution for your organization.

URAC Accredited
BHM’s IRO URAC accreditation exempts our clients who are HUM URAC accredited from compliance with Core 6, 7, and 9. Our Accreditation ensures that you receive the highest quality in service and support.

Qualified/Credentialed Coverage
Extensive database of qualified and credentialed Independent Reviewers covers a large range of specialties and sub-specitalties. Geographic coverage is continuous for all 50 states.

Customer Service
We have the highest client satisfaction rating in the industry joining winning solutions with concierge level support and responsiveness.

BHM fully complies with all turn-around times and meets and/or exceeds industry standards for reviews.

Ongoing Training
We provide ongoing support for the duration of the contract with educational series, training, and customer requested training.

Our third party reviewers ensure impartial medical necessity decisions and meet all PPACA Healthcare Reform requirements for independent review.

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