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BHM has one of the most impressive client portfolios in the industry. Our clients know that we provide the highest level consulting services, delivered by the most qualified experts in the field, with a solid track record of success.  We understand that healthcare is changing at a rapid rate especially for hospitals and providers. Let us design a solution package which will be affordable, comprehensive and will provide results which will exceed your expectations.

Our services, which are customizable to your individual hospital/provider needs, consist of:

BHM has a proven track record of successfully assisting healthcare organizations in the transformation process. Whether you are at the beginning of the transformation process and seeking assistance, or well established and looking to move to the next level, BHM provides services for MCOs, ACOs, Healthcare Reform Preparation, and EMR/EHR implemenation every step of the way.
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Our Stratgic Planning and Organizational Analysis services have helped organizations to develop and implement S.M.A.R.T objectives and strategies promoting sustainable outcomes. Detailed analysis utilizing data driven methodologies assists organizations in turning around problem areas and improving both operational and financial outcomes.
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BHM’s has achieved a 100% success rate in client accreditation applicable to URAC, NCQA, TJC, and CARF. We have combined winning strategies with efficient processes to assist each and every one of our clients in attaining their desired accreditation on time and within budget.
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BHM has a dedicated financial services team that can quickly and efficiently implement financial strategies that will position your organization for future growth, and immediately result in bottom line improvements on average 20% . From revenue cycle and cash flow, to denial management, BHM has put together a suite of services that yield targeted financial improvement results.
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BHM combines review expertise with technology, in a system which embraces innovation and transparency and is accredited to URAC IRO Standards. Our network of reviewers includes licensed professionals in all 50 U.S. states with diverse specialties and expertise, and is coupled with a proprietary state of the art Peer Review Systems portal which has led to a 100% client satisfaction rating.
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BHM offers a custom suite of solutions to assist organizations in achieving their operational goals including; Program Development, Utilization Management Assistance, Quality Improvement Programs, Clinical Operations Assistance, Staffing, and Training. From small practices, to some of the largest healthcare systems in the country, BHM assists in aligning operational development to achieve organizational objectives.
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Measurable Results.  Sustainable Solutions.   

  • Are you in the process of seeking accreditation or re-accreditation?
  • Do you need to position yourself for growth and sustainability in a reform environment?
  • Do you need a superior independent review organization?
  • Are you transforming into an Accountable Care Organization?
  • Are your re-admissions out of control?
  • Has the volume of your external reviews surpassed your capacity to complete in a timely manner?
  • Are you working on a strategic plan to comply with Healthcare Reform requirements?
  • Are you suffering from cash flow issues?
  • Do you require training for your staff and/or leadership on the latest healthcare issues and concerns?
  • What are you doing to boost patient satisfaction?

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