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100% Accreditation Achievement Success Rate

Our consultants have helped a number of organizations achieve successful accreditation. In fact, to date, BHM clients have a 100% success rate in gaining the accreditation that their organization sought.

BHM Accreditation Consulting

The BHM Difference
The difference with BHM Healthcare Solutions Accreditation Assistance is the unique combination of solutions that we bring to the engagement and supply our clients with. BHM has expert Accreditation consultants, many of whom are also previous auditors or current certified auditors, who know what URAC will be looking for when the time comes for review. In addition to this BHM, over years of successfully providing accreditation assistance, has honed the process to make it maximally efficient and effective. Finally, our custom tools and solutions are made available to our clients which decreases internal preparation time and cost, giving you a solid foundation for success.

BHM’s URAC Accreditation Expert Guidance
BHM has assembled a full suite of highly trained URAC expert consultants that can deploy to serve any organization and assist with accreditation readiness. As part of our engagement we will build for you a team of custom specialists that will make the process cost effective and efficient. Our experts, many of whom previously worked for accrediting bodies, have unique knowledge of what auditors are looking for, and can help you target areas for development before review. Additionally, we have supplemental experts ready to assist organizations who may need help in a specific area (such as clinical or finance) before review time.

  • An Accreditation Expert will guide you through the preparation process
  • Supplemental supports will be provided, as needed, for targeted areas critical to Accreditation Success
  • Scalable teams mean that you get the highest level of expertise required, at a cost which is affordable for your organization

BHM’s URAC Accreditation Preparation Process:

BHM has developed a process which is unique, and has a proven success rate to assist organizations achieve their desired accreditation quickly and cost efficiently.

  • Detailed Gap Analysis of your organization across key accreditation standards
  • Interviews with key staff members to gauge your organizational processes and accreditation readiness level
  • Findings and Recommendations giving you a path toward accreditation success, with tools and supports to assist you in getting there and comply with URACs preferred format
  • Assistance with Accreditation preparation utilizing (including development of Policies & Procedures, Training, or Program Development)
  • Assembly of Final Application
  • Assistance with Accreditnet, URAC’s software system
  • Mock Survey preparation and Coaching – with BHMs mock audit and coaching, take the worrfy out of the review process
  • Onsite assistance during the day

BHM’s URAC Accreditation Tools

Content development in the form of Policies & Procedures, Programs, Quality Improvement Projects, and Compliance documents can constitute a significant amount of the work traditionally involved in the Accreditation process.  With BHM’s custom tools and solutions you will have a jump start on accreditation preparedness.

  • Customizable Policies & Procedures, Tools, and Program Descriptions will be available to your team, all of which comply with URAC’s preferred format, allowing you to begin with a solid foundation for URAC documentation development
BHM URAC Accreditation Consulting

Please click here for a sample URAC Protocol Patient Safety Document

PCHCH Program Description Template

Please click here to view a sample PCHCH Program Description

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