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BHM’s URAC Accreditation Maintenance Program

BHM will make sure that your organization remains in compliance and is prepared for your next review. Our Accreditation Maintenance Packages assists organizations in continuous compliance between reviews as well as preparation for your next review. BHM’s expert tips and guidelines will save you time and money on pre-audit preparation costs.

Now That You Are Accredited, Stay on the Right Track. 

When first preparing for URAC Accreditation, organizations spend significant time and effort preparing everything for review.  However, between accreditation reviews, it is common for these tasks to take a back seat to day to day activities.  With the BHM Accreditation Maintenance package, we assist your organization to remain in compliance with URAC standards and prepare for successful re-accreditation.

  • Organizations which do not maintain accreditation compliance can spend up to 75% of the original accreditation preparation investment preparing for subsequent reviews.
  • Organizations which have worked with BHM to maintain constant compliance with URAC standards spend on average less than 25% of the cost of initial accreditation preparation dollars preparing for subsequent review.

How the Program Works

BHM’s Accreditation Maintenance program works by assigning your organization with a detailed team lead who is informed on Accreditation updates, and provides project management and pivotal touch points for your organization on a regular basis in-between accreditation cycles.

  • What is the current state of your Quality Improvement Project?
  • Are you aware of any new or changing standards?
  • Have you kept up with internal documentation such as credentialing, HR requirements, QMC meeting evidence, and organizational compliance logs?

With the assistance of BHM you can rest assured your organization will be aware of any changes or additions to the URAC standards, as well as remaining in constant compliance between accreditation cycles.  Program participants will receive the following:

  • Dedicated project manager assigned to your organization
  • Timely notification as to any updates to URAC standards and program requirements
  • Review of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with current standards
  • Assistance with any policy and procedure revisions
  • Mock surveys to ensure your staff is maintaining the standards of excellence on a continuous basis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Assistance with Quality Improvement Project selection, deployment, and analysis
  • Training to ensure staff can appropriately vocalize and demonstrate compliance with URAC standards

For more information on the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), please visit the URAC Website.

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