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BHM Provides Rapid Turn-Around for Healthcare Financial Issues, Optimizing the Revenue Cycle and Boosting Cash Flow

BHM Healthcare Solutions offers healthcare financial consulting through a suite of successful strategies and methodologies for the financial improvement of healthcare delivery systems.  Our approach will assist your organization in rapidly identifying areas of improvement, quickly and effectively targeting the problem, implementing proven solutions to boost your bottom line, and eliminating cash flow problems.

Recent changes in the healthcare industry have had a dramatically negative impact on the financial performance of organizations. Reduced fees, managed care, restructure of reimbursement models, and reduced budgets have caused cash flow problems, deficits, and general loss of business. The key to survival in these times is adaptation to a changing environment to remain competitive and profitable. To do this, it is essential to implement cost control, develop compensation models, and assume and manage risks, and ensure that you have optimized your revenue cycle to obtain maximum reimbursement.

Revenue Cycle Improvement

BHM works to rapidly target and improve an organization’s bottom line with services that provide an immediate revenue
boost, and sustainable long term future improvements.
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Denial Management

Denials can be costing your organization millions of dollars.  Discover how our expert team rapidly decreases denials, targets
causation, and helps your organization maximize revenue through income recoupment.

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BHM Healthcare Solutions specializes in revenue cycle consulting services that result in increased revenue and improved cash collections – on average improving our client’s bottom line by 22% and providing a 5 to 1 improvement in ROI annually.  

Our customized revenue cycle optimization services include:

  • Healthcare financial analysis
  • Revenue cycle analysis
  • Incurred by not reported calculations
  • Budget and pro forma development
  • Case rate and capitation rate analysis and development
  • Cost accounting system assessments
  • Due diligence for potential acquisitions and partners
  • Development of performance based compensation models
  • Financial strategy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Benchmarking and actuarial modeling
  • Managed care contracting strategy development
  • Debt capacity analysis and financial projections
  • Service line plan development
  • Community based net strategy development and financing options

BHM’s healthcare financial consulting services provide experts in conducting analysis on cash flow and revenue that quickly pinpoint problems, and with furnishing you the solutions that you need to produce dramatic and rapid turn-arounds! BHM can help manage your financial position as it relates to new healthcare legislations such as the Affordable Care Act, and prepare your organization for a solid foundation of financial success in a post reform environment.

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