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Innovation Begins at the Top. Inspire Your Leadership.  Improve Your Organization.

BHM’s C-Suite Consulting offers expert coaching for high level executives.  We provide critical focus on areas of improvement, institute principles of successful change management, offer strategic planning and leadership insight, and share profitable leadership strategies at the level of the organization which can benefit most.

      • Marketing and Business Development Leaders for Healthcare
      • Strategic Alignment – Alignment of  organizational vision and operations
      • Pathways to Leadership Success –  Focus on organizational improvement
      • Change Leadership – Overcome obstacles to implementing large change
      • Lean Process Thinking – Teach your team to think lean with efficient healthcare management strategies
      • Creating the Corporate Culture – Shape your organization
      • Merger and Acquisition Coaching – How to effectively combine teams and ideologies

Whether your organization is on the cusp of dramatic change and needs thought leadership assistance or you are just looking to inspire and align your executive staff, our C-Suite consulting packages can help provide your team with expert coaches to create impactful change.

Leaders Speaking to Leaders

Our C-Suite Consulting Coaches are proven leaders in the industry and have helped Executive level positions at some of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the nation.  This “peer” coaching approach ensures that we structure our sessions to provide maximum impact to your executives by learning from experts in the field.  We assist leadership in positioning and transitioning businesses to excel in an environment of change with top down techniques which will provide “change leaders” to create inspiration and alignment throughout your organization.

Cultivating the Right Candidate through Executive Mentors

BHM offers C-Suite Consulting and Coaching that help you cultivate the right talent through executive mentors.  In the rapidly changing healthcare environment, organizations may struggle to find appropriately qualified high level candidates.  Others may have the qualifications, but not the experience.  Our Executive Mentor Program has been successfully deployed to cultivate the right candidate to fill your position by pairing them with an appropriate peer who has the desired experience in the field.  Our Managed Care Medical Director Executive Mentor Program has been instrumental in providing guidance and leadership to candidates who are learning how to perform their role in the new Managed Care Environment.

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