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Healthcare Independent Review and ‘No Surprise Act’

By |Healthcare Independent Review, IRO, Payer Trends|

Understanding the Vital Role, Challenges, and Opportunities of Independent Medical Review Services, offers a behind-the-scenes look at internal and external appeals, reasons why accredited IROs reduce risks, and a crash course on newer review services, such as the independent dispute resolution process that’s part of the No Surprise Act (NSA) surprise billing regulations.

Work From Home (WFH) Revolution

By |Uncategorized, Workers Compensation|

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid switch in organizations allowing and encouraging Work From Home (WFH) options. This switch has occurred at an unprecedented pace and much about this change on such a large scale is still unexplored. While BHM has always had a very strong background in data analytics and reporting, we took this opportunity to explore ethical and fair productivity metrics to allow for data-driven decision-making around our WFH practices.

Mental Health in Workers Compensation

By |Behavioral Health Integration, Mental Health, Workers Compensation|

Stress, anxiety, and depression are among the most prevalent for injured workers. If left untreated, they can render a seemingly straightforward claim nearly unmanageable, resulting in poor outcomes and exorbitant costs. Increasingly, many in our industry are recognizing the need to proactively do all we can to address this critical issue. Open discussions and gaining a deeper understanding of a subject that, until now, has been taboo.

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