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BHM’s mission as one of the leading Healthcare Consulting Firms is to provide clients with expert guidance resulting in improved financial and operational efficiency.


BHM was founded in 2002, and was established to bring together the highest level experts in the healthcare industry. It is the consistent goal of our organization to utilize this expertise to provide valuable guidance and advisory services. BHM has distinguished itself as an industry leader by adhering to the highest professional standards. We believe in leveraging our knowledge assets for the optimal client benefit, and managing client and firm resources in a cost-effective manner. BHM consultants have a unique perspective on the issues which face healthcare, as they have worked in the healthcare payer, hospital, and provider settings at the executive level in positions ranging from AVP to CEO. BHM also differentiates itself by taking a unique data driven approach to all consulting engagements. By basing our analysis and recommendations on fact, rather than opinion, your organization is guaranteed to get measurable and sustainable results. BHM has consistently met or exceeded the expectations of all previous clients, and has done so in a time sensitive and cost efficient manner.

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