BHM Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Fred Richmond, MBA, PhD to its team of expert healthcare consultants. Dr. Richmond is a highly qualified healthcare consultant and will serve in the capacity of Vice President of Clinical Operations at BHM.

 Meet Dr. Fred Richmond, our new Vice President of Clinical Operations at BHM Healthcare Solutions.Dr. Richmond has had a long and distinguished career in the healthcare and behavioral health fields. He recently served as the executive director for the American Academy of Pediatrics in California. Prior to this Dr. Richmond dedicated himself to the impressive position of Chief Executive Officer for the Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics. During his time at the Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics Dr. Richmond provided outstanding administrative leadership, infrastructure, and overall management direction for 17 Community Health Organizations with 46 separate facilities. Other positions Dr. Richmond has held include Director of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Chief Operating officer for Progressions Group-Eugenia Hospital in Lafayette Hills, PA, and Clinical Director for Universal Health Services in Chester Pennsylvania, and Northwestern Institute Child and Adolescent Services. Vice President of Clinical Operations is one of the most important roles to fill and we’re thankful to have Dr. Richmond on our team.

Dr. Richmond also has extensive experience serving as a senior consultant for a number of organizations including the Public Consulting Group, where he led recovery efforts to recoup lost revenue and was responsible for $4 million dollars in additional sales projects, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP where led recovery efforts and provided ongoing education and training for both physicians and clinicians.

“It is rare to find someone with such a distinguished set of qualifications, who also exemplifies what a leader in the behavioral healthcare field should be,” stated Mark Rosenberg, President of BHM. Dr. Rosenberg went on to state that “we look forward to working with Dr. Richmond, and fully believe that his unique abilities to mentor, empower, cross-train and engage will be uniquely beneficial to all of our current and future BHM clients.”