BHM Healthcare Solutions, a nationwide consulting firm, has long been recognized for their expertise in providing physician advisor and peer review.

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BHM Launches PA Portal for Clients

services to their client base.  The firm was built on a strong foundation of providing quality physician advisory services, which go beyond the typical quantitative review services and offer a qualitative experience through the utilization of in-depth guidance and ongoing improvement strategies.  Now BHM has taken this process one step further with the development and launch of a new PA Portal which will drive efficiency, and accessibility.  Brian Johnson, Chief Technology Officer at BHM was instrumental in driving the development of this new product and recently stated that “It has been our goal in designing this product to make the peer review process more streamlined, which will translate into better accessibility, affordability, and ease of use for client organizations and our physicians.”

The PA Portal, which was officially launched in August 2011, is a scalable solution for peer reviews.  The product has undergone testing and has been found to have the capacity to meet larger volume demands while simultaneously increasing speed and decreasing manual duplication which can be problematic for organizations participation in the physician peer review process.  This new tool will be used in tandem with BHMs unique physician advisor approach which incorporates expertise, training, and education allowing for the provision of exceptional review services that provide clinical leadership modeling opportunities for client organizations.  All of this is backed by a broad base of physician advisors who are able to conduct utilization management review, complex file reviews, appeal reviews, and provide physician advisor consultations.  Mark Rosenberg, President and CEO of BHM has stated that “PA services are the foundation that our consulting firm was built upon, and many of our associates have more than 15 years experience providing PA services to hospitals and managed care organizations.”

BHM looks toward the future of providing superior physician consulting services which bring value, innovation, and cutting edge technology to our clients and the PA Portal is a giant advancement to that end.  Annette Marie, Director of Administrative Operations at BHM, was another member of BHMs highly trained team who was pivotal in the development and creation process of the PA Portal.  Ms. Marie has stated that “BHM is exceptionally pleased to bring this new product to our existing and future clients.  The PA Portal is a secure, automated, and efficient solution to meeting physician advisor needs in a standardized way which will provide the benefit of faster turn-around times, lower cost, and improved documentation.”

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