Meet our newest member of the BHM staff. In this blog, we will provide a brief introduction to another member of the BHM consulting team:

Meet Another Member of the BHM Staff!

BHM Healthcare Solutions. Meet Another Member of BHM Staff!

Meet Another Member of BHM Staff!

Brian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Finance and Claims Operations at BHM, brings a wealth of financial management knowledge with his 14 years of executive-level experience in the healthcare field to his presentations. Mr. Johnson is known for his expertise in financial analysis, budgeting, claims authorization, credentialing, and pharmacy workflows and processes. His straightforward style and undeniable grasp of how to guide an organization to be more profitable and productive will be a valuable addition to any speaking engagement.

Take a look at this YouTube video featuring Brian Johnson:

BHM helps their clients more effectively manage medical costs and improve operational efficiency as well as assist with startup of new programs. The BHM team of expert healthcare operational consultants works with organizations to optimize healthcare strategic management. Additionally, given that quality improvement is mandatory for the survival of any health care organization, BHM’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry can assist any organization in optimizing and managing a Quality Improvement Program, improving the standard of care, meeting accreditation and regulatory requirements, and increasing productivity.

BHM has been successful with program design and implementation, enables clients to utilize customized clinical treatment programs as well as clinical management programs. A successful program begins with an evaluation of the statistics and results in a project plan that is developed to meet required timelines and objectives. Results from BHM’s assessment are compared to industry statistics, and recommendations are documented in a detailed report format. Further, BHM engages in a discussion pertaining to its comprehensive recommendations and will provide on-site or telephonic oversight of suggested implementations to ensure that an organization reaches its full potential.