Do You Know The Basics of Individual Mandate?

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Healthcare Reform is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is also affectionately known as ObamaCare. It was first

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Let’s Discuss The Basics of Individual Mandate

signed in March 2010 and has over 90 changes that go into effect from 2010 to 2014. Many lawsuits have already been filed questioning whether this act is constitutional or not. The 2 issues of particular interest are individual mandate and expanding Medicaid. This article will focus on the individual mandate. Please return to our site to view Part 2 – expanding Medicaid.

Individual mandate attempts to increase insurance coverage to Americans. As of 2014, anyone who doesn’t have insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, or their employer will be forced to purchase insurance. The law will offer assistance in the form of stipends to Americans below a certain income level to help with the costs. On June 28, Chief Justice John Roberts said, “The government didn’t have the power to institute the individual mandate under the Coverage Clause, but that the mandate could stand as a tax.”

Individual mandate is opposed by many. Their premise is how the government can require Americans to buy insurance from a particular company. The individual mandate has been compared to requiring us to purchase flood insurance if we are in a flood zone and to purchase liability insurance as part of our auto insurance. Lawyers who are opposed to individual mandate believe there is a fundamental difference. You can choose not to live in a flood zone or not to drive.  Lawyers are stating this individual mandate is not only unprecedented but also unconstitutional.

Individual mandate is supported by many also. The premise of their view is they agree that this is unprecedented but don’t believe it to be unconstitutional. They feel that health care is fundamental and at some point in every American’s life, he/she will require health care. So, people who don’t have insurance are still going to require health care. Without insurance, the cost for those unable to pay is passed on to others through hospitals and providers raising their fees. According to its supporters, the individual mandate is a way to regulate the payment.

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