In the world of healthcare a standard review is a review of a physicians’ treatment conducted by a Physician Advisor according to state regulatory standards and time frames.

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Standard reviews normally occur within 24 to 48 hours of treatment and are a means for providing a secondary check to ensure that patients have the ailments that their attending physician noted in their case file at the time that they presented for treatment.

A standard review is a solid means of verifying that patient care is adequate and appropriately aligned with symptoms.  Additionally, healthcare organizations who have reviews conducted as part of a regular utilization management process can pinpoint areas of their practice which lack cost effectiveness, or are loss drivers.

Analyzing the standard reviews and their results can assist healthcare organizations in optimizing practice efficiency.  It can also lead to a decrease in over-utilization of medically unnecessary treatment and procedures, and ensure that the organization is deploying its resources in a way which will optimize patient care.