Financial AnalysisHave you had your healthcare financial analysis lately? You have an annual wellness checkup, don’t you? It is probably about time to have your organizational finance check-up as well. Do you know where you stand? How has the economy as well as the Affordable Care Act affected your organization? Do you have a starting point for evaluating all financial aspects of your company? Do you need assistance?

BHM Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare management consulting company that focuses on performing healthcare financial analyses as on one of our many areas of expertise. We have created cutting edge financial management models to help determine areas which can boost your bottom line. Our goals are to:

  1. Help manage your operational costs
  2. Increase net revenue
  3. Decrease cash flow problems
  4. Define growth opportunities
  5. Comply with regulations

Our full range of healthcare financial improvement services include:

  1. Healthcare financial analysis
  2. Revenue cycle
  3. Incurred but not reported IBNR calculations
  4. Budget and pro forma development
  5. Case rate and capitation rate analysis and development
  6. Cost accounting system assessments
  7. Due diligence for potential acquisitions and partners
  8. Development of performance based compensation models
  9. Financial strategy
  10. Benchmarking and actuarial modeling
  11. Managed care contracting strategy development
  12. Debt capacity analysis and financial projections
  13. Service line plan development
  14. Community based safety net strategy development and financing options

BHM Healthcare Solutions can perform the following financial analyses for your organization:

  1. Accounting principles
  2. Financial statements
  3. Medical inflation
  4. Industry benchmarking
  5. Capital formation
  6. Cost variance analyses
  7. Financial mathematics
  8. Capital project analyses
  9. Consolidations and mergers
  10. Management control process
  11. Cost concepts
  12. Cost accounting
  13. Loss of business
  14. Product costing
  15. Financial information systems

Would you like to reduce costs? Are you receiving maximum reimbursement? Have you recently completed a merger/acquisition? Are you current with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act? Do you know which provisions are becoming effective in 2013? Has the economy had a major impact on your organization?  Have you had a recent review of your financial risks? Are your health insurance claim denials out of control? Do you know what the best practices are for healthcare organizations? Do you have a managed care contracting strategy? Have you reviewed your revenue cycle?

BHM Healthcare Solutions is one of a select  few healthcare consulting firms which offers a such a broad range of services such as: physician advisor services, denials management, revenue cycle, accreditation, training, executive recruitment, interim staffing, and compliance. BHM can assist you with in depth analysis to help you find the answers to all of the questions. We can put you back on the road to a healthier bottom line. Please visit our financial analysis webpage and call us at 1-888-831-1171 to schedule your free consultation.  We are experts in our field and look forward to working with you. Click below for a free presentation on medical necessity.

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