2012 Presidential Election Issues

Two boxers, one with a blue set of gloves with hte word DEM and another boxers, who looks like Mitt Romney, with red boxing gloves that say GOP. Learn more about key 2012 Presidential Election issues in our blog

Learn more about key 2012 Presidential Election issues in our blog

Interested to know more about the latest 2012 Presidential Election issues? The 2012 presidential election is right around the corner. What are the critical issues? Where do the candidates stand on each issue? Following are the top 12 issues surrounding the 2012 election:

Issue Obama Romney
Abortion and birth control Supports Opposes
War Wants to reduce military spending by $487 billion Wants to increase military spending by $100 billion
Terrorism Set policy that US would no longer use harsh interrogation tactics, approved raid that killed Bin Laden No constitutional rights for foreign terrorists suspects
Immigration Immigrants brought in as children should be exempt from deportation, immigrants enrolled in college or enlisted in the armed forces would be exempt from deportation Opposes education benefits for illegal immigrants, opposes offering legal status to immigrants enrolled in college but in favor of those serving in the military, establish immigrant verification system for employers with penalties for non-compliance
Guns Hasn’t pushed for stricter gun controls and has allowed carrying a concealed weapon in parks and in checked bags on Amtrak Opposes stricter gun controls but wants to enforce existing gun controls
Debt Fourth straight year of trillion dollar deficit, is raising the debt limit so we aren’t considered in default, let tax cuts expire for couples earning more than $250,000/year Defended bailout of financial institutions in 2008, opposed auto industry bailout, cap federal spending, favors constitutional balanced budget amendment
Economy High unemployment and recession, responded to recession with $800 billion stimulus plan, proposing tax breaks for manufacturers producing domestic jobs abroad and tax penalties for companies outsourcing jobs Lower taxes, less regulation, balanced budget, more trade deals to spur growth, replace jobless benefits with unemployment savings accounts
Education Approved waivers freeing states from requirements of the No Child Left Behind Law, monetary awards to states (Race to the Top) who have supported Obama’s education policies Supports No Child Left Behind Law, supports the Race to the Top policies but thinks government should have less control over education
Gay Rights Supports legal recognition of same sex marriages Opposes legal recognition of same sex marriages
Health Insurance Supports universal healthcare coverage Opposes universal healthcare coverage, would work to repeal the Affordable Care Act, states should drive policy on uninsured not Washington
Social Security Reduce annual increases in social security benefits Raise the age for full benefits for future generations, reduce inflation increases for wealthier recipients
Taxes Raise taxes on the wealthy Cut taxes for all incomes, end Alternative Minimum Taxes for individuals, eliminate capital gains for families who earn less than $200,000 and decrease corporate taxes


Where do you stand on these issues? Who do you think should be the next President? November 6, 2012 is election day and the opportunity for your vote to count.

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