Healthcare Marketing Trends 2013

Healthcare Marketing Trends 2013

As healthcare continues to evolve, so does its market base.  Consumers are increasingly more educated, and actively engaging through social media and online resources.  We anticipate these top 5 healthcare marketing trends for the New Year


Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends For The New Year

1. Savvy Consumers

Healthcare consumers are becoming more sophisticated, and the abundance of online information available about healthcare makes them more knowledgeable than ever.  Healthcare organizations will need to tailor their marketing efforts to these increasingly educated consumers in the upcoming year, marketing products and services that provide concrete market value, notable differentiators, and are backed by a strong brand both online and off.

2. Multi-Level Engagement

Gone are the days when your primary engagement with consumers occurs during a face to face office visit.  Patients in the upcoming year will be looking for multi-level engagement from their healthcare providers which utilize technology, online resources, and social media to compliment the care that they receive, and offer valuable tools and perks outside of the office.

  • A strong web presence is essential for healthcare organizations, 70% of those searching for a provider online will make an appointment within the hour.  Make sure that your website is appealing to them, provide the answers that people need along with testimonials, and show that the platform is active by having a blog.

3. Increased Social Media Emphasis

Does your organization have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account?  Are you on Google+ or LinkedIn?  If not then this is something you will definitely want to launch in 2013.  Consumers are looking for healthcare organizations to have an active and dynamic social media presence.  They will not only be looking for quality content related to healthcare, but forums in which consumers themselves can be engaged and active.

  • Make sure that you are emphasizing the “human element” in your online interactions.  Keep conversations frank and meaningful for your followers
  • Offer special online promotions for social media followers, such as a free initial appointment on Facebook, or a discount on products and services that your organization offers
  • Encourage your patients to post on your blog/social media networks.  This can be a great source of testimonials for your organization, and will allow you to stay in touch with the needs of your market base

4. Utilize Data To Visualize Healthcare Marketing Trends Faster

As with marketing in general, healthcare marketing will see a trend up in the usage of data for 2013.  Utilize website and social media analytics to determine how engaging your content and online presence is.  Analytics will also continue to be useful in ensuring that you are reaching your target demographic which will be trending from women consumers to male consumers

  • In past years women made 80% of the healthcare decisions for families, this will be changing and men are emerging as a new and viable market target for healthcare organizations.  Ensure that you are promoting services and products that will appeal to this group

5. Free Tips and Tools with a Prevention Emphasis

Healthcare is making a shift from the treatment of disease to the prevention of disease.  Consumers are looking for this shift to be reflected in healthcare marketing efforts.  Offers your patients insight into wellness programs, special offers, and even online websites and mobile apps that will allow them to take control of their health from a preventative perspective

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