Do you have 9 minutes about Healthcare Reform? It is the simplest and most straight-forward explanation we have ever seen.Future of Healthcare, Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform is a 1000+ document that is intended to completely revamp our healthcare system. This law was enacted in 2010 with provisions becoming effective through 2015. This legislation is so long and so complex, that it was actually passed before it was read in its entirety by all of Congress in the hopes we would figure it out as we go. Healthcare Reform’s official name is the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. (PPACA). It is also referred to as The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the very casual term Obamacare. The PPACA was designed to reduce healthcare costs, help reduce the federal deficit, and fill the holes such as pre-existing conditions and lifetime limits. This video hits the highlights, provides opposing opinions, and really addresses the issues in very simple, layman’s terms.

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