BHM Healthcare Solutions salutes those that have lost their lives fighting for our country and protecting our nation.BHM Healthcare Solutions

We remember their dedication!

We remember their strength!

We remember their efforts!

We remember their sacrifice!

We are proud of our military – past, present and future!

We recognize our country would not be what it is today if it were not for those who have dedicated their lives to serving this country.

For those lives that were lost – how many were saved?

We mourn with the families and friends (especially today, but everyday) of those who have lost loved ones in the call of duty. May you remember all of the good times and none of the bad. May you carry on their good name and their legacy!

We salute the Army – When the Army Goes Rolling Along

We salute the Navy- Anchors Away

We salute the Airforce – Wild Blue Yonder

We salute the Marines- the Marines Hymn

We salute the Coast Guard- Semper Paratus

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