The following video is from CNBC and the Kudlow report (it discusses selective implementation of the ACA) and also covers the topics:

  • It delves into whether it is legal or not for President Obama to selectively pick and choose which aspects of the ACA should be implemented.
  • Should laws such as the ACA not be written by Congress as opposed to the President himself?
  • Next delay on the table is the limit of out of pocket costs patients
  • Should the ACA be delayed in its entirety or repealed?
  • The slogan “A new day, a new delay”.
  • Is President Obama listening to the individuals in addition to the businesses when making these decisions?
  • The complex nature and importance of the software for both the federal and state run exchanges in ensuring the protection of health information throughout the entire system.

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Do you think the President should have the authority to pick and choose which provisions are implemented/delayed? Should this not be Congress proposing these delays? Will we be ready from a system’s perspective October 1 to implement the exchanges or will they be added to the list of delays?

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