Why Is Your Health Insurance So Expensive?

When we think of insurance, be it homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, or health insurance, we initially think of the accumulative money we’rehealthcare 6 going to be dishing out every month. We think of the mounds and mounds of extra work we’re going to need to work in order to be able to pay it off; and on top of that, most people have more than one insurance policy they’re working to pay off. We start to ask ourselves, “Do we really even need this insurance?” This is especially more common when it comes to health insurance. Most households may even go years without having to make a doctor visit. But the point of insurance such as health insurance is more than most people typically realize. Health insurance is a way to relieve stress and anxiety. It is a way to transfer your risk to your insurance provider.

Sure, transferring our risk is both emotionally and mentally comforting, but why does it have to hurt financially so much? It feels as if we aren’t technically transferring the financial risk because we’re dishing out money every month; money that we aren’t necessarily reaping the benefits of. Should we really be wasting our time with health insurance? Is it just an unnecessary service that somebody has put together somewhere in order to make a few bucks? Below is an infographic that we have put together to portray why health insurance premiums are so expensive. Over the years, there have been many things that have attributed to this result, and after thorough research and consultations, we have constructed this in depth look.

(Click to enlarge)Why is Health Insurance So ExpensiveVia Carrington’s Medical Billing and Coding Program



Author Bio: Sandra Mills is a freelance healthcare, business, and education writer. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.



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