On October 1st, the Obamacare Healthcare Exchanges went online. Below you will find information on how to log in and purchase coverage. I live in Tennessee and the information below is based upon that exchange.

It is very important to note that physicians (and hospitals) are not required to accept insurance per U.S.  federal law. You may purchase coverage but your physician (or hospital) does not have to accept it.

It is also important to note that you do not have to be a U.S. citizen in order to qualify for health insurance coverage.

Obamacare Health Exchanges :  An Inside Look


Homepage of the obamacare healthcare exchanges Click the Apply Now button (green) to continue.


Select the state you live in from the drop down menu. Click the Apply Now button to continue .


Create your Marketplace account by filling out required information on all 3 pages.


Clicking on Log In in top right corner of Healthcare.Gov brings you to this page.  Type in your Username and Password to continue

Obamacare Health Exchange

Click white box under Individuals and Families  if you wish to enroll yourself  and family members.

Click the white box under Small Business Employers if you are a small business and you wish to enroll your employees. Note: This option is not available yet as it has been delayed for one month (approximately).

Obamacare Health Exchange

(What you see if you live in Tennessee)

*Pay very close to who it says you can apply for and what you need in order to apply. * Click Next (green box) to continue.

Obamacare Health Exchange

(Continued Below)


Click Next (Green button) to continue

Obamacare Health Exchange Obamacare Health Exchange

Click white box and agree to the policy statement. Once you have clicked the box,

click Save & Continue.

Obamacare Health Exchange

(continued below)


Click Next (green button) to continue


Answer the questions. Click Save and Continue (Green button) when finished.


Click the box on the person who is helping you fill out your application. Click Save & Continue (Green box) when finished.


Click on the box that describes your current situation the best ( do you need help paying for  coverage). Click Save & Continue (green box) when you are finished.

You are next taken through a series of pages that ask you personal questions about the person that is applying for coverage.  I did not attach screenshots of these pages as my personal information was already filled out on those pages.

You next will come to an Additional Information page.

Obamacare Health Exchange

Click Next (Green button) to continue.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-08-at-4_34_43-PM1 Screen-Shot-2013-10-08-at-4_44_23-PM Check the box that most represents you.  Click Save & Continue (Green box) when you are finished.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-08-at-4_36_22-PM Check the box that most represents your current status.  Click Save & Continue (Green box) when you are finished.


Click Next (Green button) to continue.

You next will see a summary of your application. I am not attaching  a screenshot of the summary as it contains my personal information.


Click the boxes that best represent your current situation. Click Save & Continue (Green box) when finished.


Type your name into the box. You can Click Save and Return Later (Green box) or you can click Save and Continue to ID Proofing once you have typed your name in.


Click Get Started (Green button) to continue.



(Continued below)


Click Continue (Green button) to move forward.

Once your identity is confirmed, you will be brought back to page like this.  Click Continue Application (Green button to continue).


Click Resume Enrollment (Green button) to move forward.




Answer the question based upon your current situation. Click Continue (Green button)  to continue. Once you answer all three pages of questions you will know if you are eligible for coverage or not.


This is the page that you see next. You are one step closer to being able to apply for coverage.

Click Set (Green button) to move forward.


This is a brief explanation of plans that are in the exchanges.  Click Next (Green button) to continue.


Information about the 4 health insurance plan categories. Click Next (Green button) to continue.


Explanation of premiums and out-of-pocket expenses (Note. Premiums and out-of-pocket costs are higher than plans that are not on the exchanges).



Above is an overview of the type of plans that are on the exchange. Select the type of plan you want to see and you will see a list of plans to choose from.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-11_22_34-AM There are 72 health insurance plans on the TN Health Exchange. Of those plans 14 are Bronze, 30 are Silver, 21 are Gold, and 7 are Platinum. Above is an example of a Bronze plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN).


Above is an example of a Silver plan (Humana).


Above is an example of a Gold plan (Cigna).


Screen-Shot-2013-10-14-at-11_36_23-AM Above is an example of a Platinum plan.



Matthew D.  Taber, M.S. is Chief Operating Officer of Medical Access USA (www.medicalaccessusa.com),  a company which offers full access to medical care to patients and  100  percent reimbursement to primary care physicians through direct primary care models.  Reach him by e-mail at mdtaber at me dot com or by phone at 615-669-8347 to receive a free webiwebinar presentation and evaluation of your medical practice or hospital.  

Are you looking for more information about current events surrounding the Obamacare Healthcare Exchanges? Be sure to follow BHM Healthcare Solutions to learn more.