Want to know what is  really going on with the government shutdown? Check out this 3 minute video.

A calendar of the month of October 13 in front of the design of a blue bill with a stamp that is red lettering and says SHUTDOWN. The government shutdown explained in 3 minutes or less.

No Negotiations?

Defund ObamaCare?

Delay ObamaCare?

Delay parts of ObamaCare?

Raise the Debt Limit?

We are Not Going to Pay a Ransom?

Unconditional Surrender?

Credit Worthiness of the US?

Temporary Debt Increase?

Congress and President Obama seem to be at an impasse. Days are ticking away quickly as we are starting day 14. There are 3 basic issues at stake: (1) Fund/Defund ObamaCare, (2) Raise/don’t raise the debt ceiling, (3) Approve/don’t approve the budget. Republicans are pitted against Democrats, with neither side wanting to “lose”. President Obama is not willing to negotiate. Hence, the impasse. These are adults who are given the responsibility to make decisions which are beneficial to our country as a whole. Shouldn’t they be able to come to an understanding? Compromise is the act of communication arriving at a mutually agreeable outcome, with give and take from both sides. Negotiation is a dialogue between 2 parties to reach an understanding and resolve points of difference. The key to ending the shutdown is communication and dialogue, compromise and negotiation.

government shutdown

While our government is in shutdown mode, many families especially those of government workers are not being paid. Their individual debts are rising as many have had their pay furloughed. The government did pass a bill that will allow for retroactive pay for the furloughs once the shutdown has ceased, but until then, these federal workers are dangling by a thread, each day hopeful the shutdown will end, so they can return to work and more importantly receive their pay. Some cost estimates indicate the shutdown is costing $3,000,000 per day in lost productivity. It is time to put the egos aside and make decisions that will benefit the US as a country.

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