Summary: On November 1, 2013, BHM launches fresh new client responsive website which includes a new design, new features, new pages, and a new level of functionality for current and prospective clients.


BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

BHM launches new site

BHM Healthcare Solutions is excited to announce the launch of a brand new website as of November 1, 2013 which is aimed at being more responsive to the needs of current and prospective clients.  New site features include exciting new free tools and publications for download, a responsive mobile friendly design, enhanced navigation features making it easier to travel through the site, and increased information on the organization and its leadership, and its work in the form of client case studies and testimonials.

New Service Lines

BHM has been honing their service lines in order to meet the needs and demands of healthcare organizations spanning from MCOs to ACOs, to government organizations, to providers and payers. Custom offerings are targeted toward those issues which are at the forefront of healthcare today, and provide expert healthcare consulting guidance aimed at assisting healthcare providers in a climate of rapid change.  Some of the service offerings which are creating buzz include:

  • Healthcare Transformation Assistance – The Affordable Care Act has created unique opportunities, especially in the areas of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO), BHM provides assistance for those looking to make the transition.
BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

BHM adds new services to its site.

  • Accreditation Consulting – With a new plan, new tools which can be previewed online, and accreditation consulting options that fit any sized organization BHM successfully provides accreditation assistance with a 100% success rate.
  • Organizational Development –BHMs organizational development page introduces clients to the trifecta of clinical, financial, and organizational analysis which can provide dramatic increases n care outcomes and positive cash flow for organizations who are looking to step up to the next level of strategic success. .
  • Physician Advisor/Peer Review – Independent Review Organizations provide efficiency and time savings for organizations. A state-of-the-art Physician Advisor portal ensures reviews are completed timely, accurately, and efficiently through an automated system, and a new complimentary white paper shows how organizations are mitigating risk and improving ROI through the utilization of independent review organizations. 
  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Analysis – Determining short, intermediate, and long-term goals are essential to the long-term profitability of organizations. A three-pronged approach encompasses clinical, operational, and financial perspectives resulting in success for not only today but many years into the future.
  • New Menu of Whitepapers and Presentations

    BHM has added additional an array of complimentary whitepapers and presentations to provide an in-depth analysis into some of the most critical areas/issues of healthcare.  The selection includes:

    • Managed Care and Why Parity Matters
    • The Essential Components for Denial Reduction
    • Mitigating Risks Through External Independent Peer Reviews
    BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

    BHM adds new presentations and white papers to its site.

  • EMR Incorporation: Evaluating the Benefits to Your Organization
  • The Big Five Healthcare Accreditation Organizations – A Side by Side Comparison
  • Medical Necessity Criteria: An Overview of Key Components
  • Affordable Care Act in a Nutshell: Everything the Healthcare Professional Needs to Know About Reform
  • Sleek, New Modern Design

    BHM has a new design which is aesthetically pleasing, provides optimal functionality, and viewable from all different types of browsers and mobile devices.  Pages are easily navigated through menus at the top, bottom, and sides of the pages. Additional search capability enables quick navigation to the page(s) sought.

    New Pages

    BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

    BHM adds a mobile friendly dimension to its site.

    In addition to new services and new whitepapers and presentations, BHM has created several new pages to highlight their accomplishments, introduce their executive team, and share their client experiences. Some of these new pages include:

    • Our Expertise – High level list of accomplishments and a short video about the company
    • Our Leadership – An introduction to BHM’s leadership, their experience, and areas of expertise
    • BHM Accreditation – A view of the accreditations which BHM has achieved
    • Portfolio – An array of past and present clients
    • Testimonials – Attestations as to customer service and healthcare enhancements achieved through a working relationship with BHM

    Cutting Edge Blog and Blog Contribution

    BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

    BHM’s blog has a new look and feel.

    BHM releases new content daily in the form of blog posts. The new blog design allows easier navigation, graphical depictions, and an index of categories for which to search. Additionally, the new blog enables comments to be easily made as feedback is vitally important. An added feature is the blog contribution page which promotes guest blogging, expanding the perspectives, content, and viewpoints of BHM’s popular blog posts.


    BHM Launches Fresh New Client Responsive Website

    BHM’s newsletter has more than 5,000 subscribers.

    The newsletter enables organizations and individuals to remain current with impending healthcare issues. The newsletter is released weekly and highlights many of the articles and events in a simple email format. BHM has more than 5,000 subscribers to their newsletter and the numbers are growing daily. Having one trusted source for healthcare news and events is critical.

    Overall, BHM is excited and pleased about the new website, hoping to add value to the user experience.


    About BHM Healthcare Solutions (

    BHM is a healthcare management consulting firm whose specialty is optimizing profitability while improving care in a variety of health care settings. BHM has worked both nationally and internationally with managed care organizations, providers, hospitals, and insurers. In addition to this BHM offers a wide breadth of services ranging including healthcare transformation assistance, strategic planning and organizational analysis, accreditation consulting, financial consulting for healthcare, physician advisor/peer review, and organizational development.