analytics softwareWorking to support BHM Consultants With Improved Help Desk Solutions

The Support Team at BHM is excited to launch the updated Kayako support ticketing software.  The software will enable us to offer better support to our consultants and to give you an easy way to request and track your support requests.  The software allows the Support Team to connect with you through web chat, remote desktop viewing and email.  The requesting consultant will also receive confirmation emails for each step of the process.

BHM Provides Help Desk Support for the Following Commonly Requested Issues

  • Password Resets
  • Project Management login request
  • Share Point login request
  • New computer setup
  • New phone setup
  • Tablet setup

 There are three easy ways to request help desk support:

Introducing Tableau, BHM’s New Business Intelligence and Analytics Software 

Reporting Upgrades to BHM – BHM is pleased to announce that we are implementing a new line of business intelligence software.  Tableau makes “rapid-fire business analytics easier than ever. Share dashboards with your whole company and with customers and partners— in minutes. Provide live, interactive views of data that let people answer their own questions, right in a web browser or on a tablet.” – From

This analytics software will allow BHM to integrate reporting through all of our platforms including our Peer Review System, Healthcare Management System, Marketing, Sales and allow us to develop the top-of-the-line business intelligence reporting and analytics to support our clients’ needs.

Additional IT Updates

  • PRS Reports- We are currently deploying reports for internal PRS needs and will expand our capabilities over the next year.  Look for updates during our update meetings!
  • Expanded Server Capacity- BHM is growing! – BHM continues to grow and the IT infrastructure needs to grow to meet the demands.  In the 1st quarter of 2014, BHM will expand the server capacity of the organization. This will allow BHM to meet the needs of our growing PRS business and offer better internal development requirements.
  • Privacy and Security- BHM continues to monitor both the internal and external needs surrounding keeping BHM’s and our client’s data safe and secure.  Over the next couple of months we will be engaging a contractor to review both our hardware infrastructure and our web products.  BHM believes that it is critical for us all to protect the data that we collect from our clients and will continue to pursue the highest level of security possible.
  • Carbonite- Just a reminder that BHM uses Carbonite to keep the files on your workstation safe.  It is critical that the folders where you keep your files are being backed up.  If you have any questions about this please contact Support and we will review your settings and make sure you are protected.

The Support Team looks forward to supporting your needs in 2014.  Please take a look around and let us know if you have any questions –