Ahead for 2014Looking Ahead for 2014

BHM’s Marketing Department has several goals this year, including:

  • Increasing qualified marketing leads
  • Assisting in improving overall organizational communication
  • Automating internal processes and formalizing work flows; and
  • Continuing to build on the phenomenal growth and results that we have had via social media and online engagement

In this inaugural newsletter we are excited to introduce you to some of our upcoming marketing projects. Some of which are in the works, and some which are just kicking off.  As always, we welcome engagement from all members of BHM, and are particularly interested in assisting consultants improve their knowledge base regarding outreach and communication on behalf of the organization.  In subsequent issues we will dive a little deeper into specific initiatives, but to kick off the new year we will begin by giving you an overview of marketing activities which will assist BHM in its growth goals for 2014.

Enhanced Social Engagement Strategies:

  • We continue to conduct social media outreach.  Currently 60% of our website traffic originates from social media sites and outreach efforts, and the BHM website on average receives 600-1200 new visitors each week.
  • We are pleased to announce that BHM now has 12K+ twitter followers with a very active community
  • LinkedIn and Google+ continue to grow at a steady pace for the organization

As part of our upcoming social media initiatives, we continue to work on automation of social media outreach, and have developed a social media flex group to strengthen and expand our outreach efforts.  All consultants are welcome to assist BHM in promoting products and services to potential clients, and instructions can be found in the BHM Social Media Guide on SharePoint.  Working together will allow us to have the strongest impact ahead for 2014!

To find out how you can become involved in the social media flex group email us at newideas@bhmpc.com.

 Advanced Technological Solutions

In addition to social media outreach, we have been working behind the scenes to develop a powerful lead engagement system which ties together the CRM system used by sales with online analytics, automated email, and business analytics software.  This system integration not only allows us to gather detailed information on potential new business leads, but to nurture these leads in an efficient manner before they are funneled into the sales cycle.  This system, in its entirety, gives us powerful knowledge about potential customers in a way which is data driven and powered by Tableau, our new Business Intelligence software.  These systems are complements to our website redesign, which has increased online awareness and works to more effectively convert web visitors into leads.  We will continue to work on this system development and integration which will empower our sales team and assist BHM in reaching its strategic sales goals.

Filling the Funnel With Online Optimization

In the upcoming months, we will be placing an increased emphasis on filling the lead funnel through optimization our the newly redesigned BHM site.  Our two-pronged strategy which includes both long-term and short-term optimization tactics will combine the power of SEO with analytics and custom-developed campaigns to provide targeted, data driven outreach to potential clients increasing the number of BHM new business leads.