FADAA ConferenceSummary: BHM Healthcare Solutions will be presenting at the upcoming FADAA/FCCMH Annual Conference August 6-8, 2014. BHM is very excited and pleased to participate for the first time in this spectacular event. The focus is a 2014 Guide to Behavioral Health.

BHM Healthcare Solutions (BHM) is pleased to be included as a presenter at the FADAA/FCCMH Annual Conference: The Premier Florida Conference on Substance Abuse Use Disorders and Mental Health. The conference will be held August 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress located in Orlando, Florida. For more information, including registration information please visit: http://www.fadaa-fccmhannualconference.org/index.php.

About the FADAA Conference

The Conference is given each year and is a must-attend for healthcare professionals. This intensive event will unveil the 2014 Guide to Behavioral Health addressing innovative technology, opportunities, science and medicine. The conference provides attendees an opportunity to learn and apply the latest technology, research and trends to their daily jobs and to network with other professionals. The conference will include topics of discussion including: Technology/Telehealth, Accountability, Medication-assisted Treatment, Evidence-based Practices, Justice, Recovery, Integration of Care, Science, Health & Wellness, Innovation, Financing, Emerging Trends, Leadership, Cultural Competence, and Workforce.

Meet Mark Rosenberg at the FADAA Conference

Mark Rosenberg, MD, PhD, CEO of BHM Healthcare Solutions will present at the FADAA /FCCMH Annual Conference. Dr. Rosenberg has 20+ years of experience in the management of healthcare programs in both the public and private sectors. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg has been the featured presenter, or keynote speaker at more than 30 conferences across the United States.

Enjoy 2 Presentations from Mark Rosenberg at the FADAA Conference

Mark Rosenberg of BHM will present on two individual topics, “Understanding the Mind/Body Connection and the Treatment of Depression” and “Building Bridges for Success: Healthcare Integration Strategies for Case Management”. Understanding the Mind/Body Connection and the Treatment of Depression” will delve into the issues associated with diagnosis and treatment of patients taking into account new research and evidence related to the mind/body connection, with a particular emphasis on Major Depression Disorder. “Building Bridges for Success: Healthcare Integration Strategies for Case Management” will by provide an overview of the influence and importance in recognizing comorbidities in the treatment of patients with complex cases, and tailoring treatment to their specific needs.

BHM hopes to see you all at the conference. Be sure to introduce yourself to Dr. Rosenberg!!!!!