3 ways providers can optimize the pay-for-performance model of careAs part of BHM’s new partnership with The Doctor’s Channel, Anthony Grimaldi, BHM’s Senior Vice President Provider/Hospital Division, speaks about optimizing Pay-for-Performance models in healthcare.


The Doctor’s Channel specializes in short, interesting video clips (generally 2 minutes or less) that educate doctors and other medical professionals on nearly any specialty imaginable. The vast video library also has many segments and series that are eligible for CME, making it an excellent resource for providers.


BHM is thrilled to have a chance to share some of our expertise with The Doctor’s Channel audience – stay tuned for more from Anthony, and also other members of BHM’s team.


What are the 3 ways providers can optimize the Pay-for-Performance model of care?


  • The key to success of the total cost of care design lies in cross departmental data and good documentation.


  • The ultimate goal of the total cost of care design is for delivery systems to have a better understanding of their patients and their methods.


  • Without good cross-departmental data and effective documentation, it will be virtually impossible for delivery systems to know how much it is going to cost them to deliver care.


Please click  How Can Providers Optimize Pay-for-Performance Models of Care to view the full video (1 minute and 22 seconds).