free webinar on accreditation


Join us to learn the top strategies that make the difference between accreditation success and failure. Through research, expert interviews, and hands on work with some of the top national organizations we have discovered the keys to accreditation success….and they might not be what you think!

If your accreditation has cost your organization more time, money, and internal resources than you had thought and you still feel like you are not prepared for your survey/audit, then this is one informational session you won’t want to miss! 

  • What do the communication plans of the top rated accredited organizations look like?
  • Who should spearhead the internal accreditation process?
  • How long should we anticipate needing to prep for initial accreditation?
  • How can we stay up today in between initial accreditation and re-accreditation?
  • We breezed through the requirements last1p time, why is our re-accreditation such a challenge?
  • How can we stay focused on our daily job and still ensure that we are making progress toward accreditation?

During Wednesday’s live webinar we will be answering these questions and many more! Based on years of consulting experience we have identified the hallmarks of organizations that are successful in the accreditation process, and are excited to share them with you. As an added bonus we will share tips on how to maximize your Accreditation ROI with a post accreditation checklist that every organization should utilize to get the maximum mileage and ROI from their accreditation.

Date: July 29th

Time: 1pm CDT (lasting roughly 45 minutes)

BHM Accreditation Webinar Free

This is a must attend event for anyone undergoing accreditation or re-accreditation. Discover essential components on how to maximize your accreditation success rate, save your organization money, and get the most out of your accredited status. See you there!

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