We’ve talked a lot about how the use of social media in healthcare can be very rewarding. From helping improve patient satisfaction to creating a strong community online, social media has helped revolutionize certain aspects of the healthcare industry. It’s important not to shy away from social media, as it’s the perfect way to connect with your patients and clients. Remember – having a strong online presence is crucial for growth in a modern healthcare world. Here are 3 great infographics that will give you some insight into how social media and healthcare work together to improve the patient experience. The last infogprahic illustrate how the healthcare industry can actually improve with its social media usage!

After you take a look at these infographics let us know on Twitter (@bhmhealthcare) what you think about social media use in healthcare! Do you think the healthcare industry is utilizing social media to its full potential? What are the areas you think the healthcare industry can improve when it comes to social interaction online?

Social Media and Healthcare: 3 Infographics To Read Today

1. The Healthcare Social Shakeup

via CDW: “Did you know that 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients?”

healthcare social media infographic

2. The Rising Use of Social Media & Mobile In Healthcare

via DC Interactive  :Did you know that 26% of hospitals utilize social media?

healthcare social media infographic

3.Why Healthcare is Failing Social Media

via The Doctor’s Journal: To shake things up a bit here is an infographic illustrating how the healthcare industry may be lacking in social media utilization. Thanks to Brad Smith for submitting this infographic! Did you know that only 31% of healthcare professional use social media for professional networking?