how big data is changing the healthcare industry

Big Data is term reserved for the larger-than-life amounts of data collected in our, now, very digital world. In the healthcare world, big data is often used to describe electronic health records (EHR) and patient data. Technology has improved our ability to collect and analyze healthcare data. With this grand opportunity for innovation and growth come questions of security and patient data safety. Read the following 3 infographics to get some insight into the world of BD in the healthcare industry.

First things first: What is Big Data?

In the healthcare world Big Data is becoming quite the buzzword. But the term itself can often be confusing, before you continue on to the infographics here is HealthCare IT News great definition of big data. “Big data is a term used for massive amounts of information that can be interpreted by analytics to provide an overview of trends or patterns. Organizations leverage big data by gathering records and information captured and then interpreting it with analytics. Common in other industries, big data has only recently begun to become a factor in healthcare. It has applications range from provider-specific business intelligence to scouring over an entire state’s health records to pinpoint people who are at risk for certain ailments. Many believe that big data can help target early warning signs and improve patient safety.”

Big Data Creates Big Improvements in Healthcare

This infographic from Evariant focuses on trends, and how it is helping improve both clinical trials and personalized medicine. According to Evariant, “the effective use of big data could add $300 million per year to the healthcare industry.”

Why Big Data Means Big Things for Healthcare?

This great infographic from Vigyanix Insights discuses how Big Data is a game changer for the health industry.

When It Comes To Healthcare Big Data is Big Deal

This infographic from Healthcare IT Connect is chalk full of the numbers and data to support how big data is revolutionizing healthcare. From supporting providers to fueling innovation take a look to get acquainted with the BIG numbers on big data.

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