BHM has a proven track record for assisting organizations in attaining and surpassing desired goals. Our approach encompasses a review of all aspects of your organization including clinical, financial, and operational components. Click HERE to find out how BHM can help you.

Many healthcare organizations face financial and organization challenges due a wide array of changes in the industry. From changing legislation to shifts in the economy, organizations are forced to shift along with the industry. This rapid shift to a new healthcare emphasis on value based performance and consumer outcomes, has created even more opportunities for organizations to transform and grow.

Change can be daunting. Improvement and transition can be difficult without the right tools. This is why many organizations look for help outside their own organization. Here is how one organization rode the waves of change and come out on top.

Rochester Regional Case Study

At the start, Rochester Regional Health was only looking for well-rounded consultant agency for a small project. They asked for proposals from 6 companies. BHM impressed the team and recommendations from 3 health systems also solidified their faith in BHM.

Rochester Regional Health partnered with BHM for a number of projects over four years including:

  • Outpatient operational efficiency evaluation
  • Clinical and financial efficiency evaluation
  • System improvement projects
  • Compliance
  • Documentation/billing improvements

Each project faced unique issues with BHM addressing each challenge with project process management, collaboration, and systematic solutions. Some of the measureable results immediately became apparent, like:

  • Turning a $1.9M loss into a $300K Outpatient operational profit in one year
  • BHM was praised for educational presentations related to productivity, capacity, and documentation.

BHM helped Rochester Region on Inpatient operational level by

  • Assisting with clinical and financial evaluations
  • Recommendations and improvement project
  • Implementing team assessment and care planning
  • Uniform system evaluations

The operational processes built and implemented set standards and expectations for the entire organization’s staff. The implementation process involved multiple levels and using the same medical necessity criteria in the clinical areas new results were achieved.

  • 30% decreased length of stay
  • “Gold Status” commendation by local payers

Case Study Part 2: After adding a small rural hospital with Inpatient and outpatient mental health (and inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency) and a Comprehensive Psych Emergency Program, RH asked BHM for an in-depth (Two Phase) evaluation of site operations.

“BHM has solid leadership that is extremely responsive to our needs and has been very quick to make changed is there was a mismatch of the BHM consultants with our team. They have been responsive to sudden requests for additional work and/or requests of senior leadership for presentations to CEO, CFO Board etc. Invoices and billed scope of work have always been within the boundaries set in the contract and we have always come at or less than budgeted.” Kathryn A. McGuire, Senior Vice President, Rochester Regional Health

If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, receive assistance in pinpointing problem areas within your organization, or need to create internal alignment with your goals and vision, BHM has the tools for your organization to succeed.