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Optimizing your revenue cycle starts with reducing denials. In order to do this, you must have an effective Denial Management strategy in place. According to a new HIMSS Analytics study, 56% of hospitals surveyed said they don’t use a vendor solution for claim denials. However, around 60% of those respondents are planning on purchasing a claims denials management tool within the next year. If you are part of the 40%, now may be the time to think about investing in tools for claims denials.

6 Tools For Reducing Claims Denials

  1. Invest in new and cutting edge technology to help automate processes and reduce risk of human error.

  2. Have clear and concise policies that employees can understand and follow.

  3. Encourage greater communication between payers and providers

  4. Healthcare payers and providers should invest in data and work to improve the exchange of data between both parties.

  5. Data security should be a number one priority.

  6. Invest in improving medical coding issues, errors and processes.

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