Aon’s 2017 Global Risk Management Survey is designed to offer organizations the insights necessary to compete in this increasingly complex operating environment. With the CVS/Aetna acquisition, payers are grappling with new risk and a slack consensus on how to best prioritize and respond to them.

Top-ranked risks include:

  • Damage to brand and reputation
  • Political risk/uncertainties
  • Cyber risk
  • Failure to attract and retain top talent
  • Failure to innovate

Successful payers will arm themselves with the power of data and analytics, combined with expert insight, to provide clients with innovative solutions that help them manage volatility, reduce risk and realize opportunity during these changing times.

On December 14, Aon asked 450 HR leaders from large and mid-size employers about potential implications the recently announced CVS/Aetna and other potential deals, such as Optum and DaVita Medical, could have on their health care strategies. According to the survey, a significant majority (85%) think there will be either significant or moderate changes to the way people access care in the future:

  • 14% expect significant changes in how/where people will access health care
  • 71% expect moderate changes in how/where people will access health care
  • 15% expect no real impact in how and where people access health care

The survey also found that six out of 10 say they are likely to make changes to their health care strategies, though there are differences in how quickly those changCVS/Aetna Acquisitiones will happen:

  • 23% expect the changes will accelerate revisiting/adjusting their overall health care strategy
  • 38% expect the changes will delay revisiting/adjusting their overall health care strategy (i.e., “wait-and-see” approach)
  • 39% expect the changes will have no impact on their overall health care strategy

“These results tell us that employers think these deals, particularly a potential CVS/Aetna combination, are meaningful and will have important implications to the way employees and their families access health care,” said Jim Winkler, global chief innovation officer for Aon’s Health & Benefits group.

The recent CVS/Aetna acquisition announcement in the health care industry, if approved, could not only change the way U.S. employers design their future health care strategies, but also the way individuals access health care in the future. Click to see how BHM can assist payers by finding solutions and creating programs to provide stability during this period of turbulent transitio.