Alphabet Soup of Compliance: IRO, OIG, and CIAs

Being excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, or other Federal health care programs cripples any provider organization. A Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the Office of Investigator General (OIG) paves the way into compliance for at risk providers.

BHM Healthcare services specializes in IRO services and holds the industry’s highly recognized URAC Credential for Comprehensive Review (Internal and External).

Helping Providers Meet Important
CIA Deadlines and Requirements

BHM’s experience with…

Corporate Integrity AgreementMedicaid and Medicare
Corporate Integrity AgreementCIA auditing processes
Meeting the highest standards for turnaround times, accuracy, and case monitoring

…means your organization can rest easier about meeting CIA processing and reporting requirements.

To our client providers, BHM will…

Corporate Integrity AgreementAssign the needed experts in Medicare and state Medicaid requirements
Corporate Integrity AgreementUse reviewers with nationally recognized, current coding certifications.
Corporate Integrity AgreementDesign and select the review samples with the appropriate statistical sampling techniques.
Meet case review timetables.
Perform each Claims Review in accordance with the specific requirements of the CIA.
Respond to all OIG inquires in a prompt, objective, and factual manner.
Prepare timely, clear, well-written reports, including all the information required by the CIA.
BHM Healthcare Solutions Behavioral Health and Medical Review Experts

BHM supports you during the life of your Corporate Integrity Agreement.

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