Diagnostic Testing Review

The American Bar Association called genetic testing as “The New Wild West for Health Care” because the:

  • Potentially high costs for the tests
  • Evolving plan coverage and medical necessity
  • Promise for medical diagnostics across the healthcare spectrum
Diagnostic Testing Review

Why BHM Offers Diagnostic Testing Review.

Science evolves and medical necessity criteria change. Any increase in the predictability of diagnostics lead to faster, more accurate, and more successful care.

Managing the expenses of care becomes a priority as the evidence and reliability of genetic testing builds. BHM looks objectively at the application of medical necessity; delivering piece of mind matching the tests to coverage and care planning.

Our Sub-specialty Expertise

Diagnostic genetic testing call for very precise medical sub-specialties. Most in-house review teams lack the full-time expertise needed for fast turnaround times. BHM delivers the best of both: fast turnaround times and available sub-specialty experts.

BHM Delivers Objectivity

While diagnostic technologies experience hyper-growth, health systems and plans benefit from predictability offered by BHM services.

Integrating our network of medical experts into revenue cycle management practices and into reimbursement systems lead to lower overall care costs, misdiagnosis, and waste.