Utilization Management Peer Review Software

Introducing the easy-to-use, cost-effective software solution for case review, auditing, and quality assurance of in-house utilization documentation and staff.

Utilization Management
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Simply put, PRS™ stores, organizes, formats, monitors, and prepares cases for Medical Director review. When cases require in-depth reviews, PRS™ minimizes the challenges of collecting and organizing case information from other systems.

Addresses Your Needs

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CPRS addresses your review needs with a light, secure, and flexible structure needed for all aspects of internal review.

Utilization Management, medical reviews
Utilization Management

Push Notifications


Alert administrative staff of the status of the review and if questions arise.

What does PRS™ do for your review team?

Payer Best Practices
  • Lowers data entry errors
  • Saves staff time running to a computer to check case updates
  • Ends IT hardware restrictions, encouraging full team input
  • Requires very little in-house IT support
  • Makes better use of Medical Director’s time Integrates tons of case management tools into one, focused interface
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Utilization management as a cost-containment strategy

Utilization Management Peer Review System

Utilization Management Peer Review System