Successful Delegation To Downstream Entities

Healthcare organizations face challenges regarding reduction of their medical and administrative costs because regulatory and administrative demands are increasing. Payers and providers must evaluate new partner relationships and solutions for work processes and potentially outsource administrative functions in order to offer competitively priced services to patients. Successful delegation requires planning.

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1 Day Left! Our FREE Accreditation Success Webinar is Tomorrow 12/30!

If your accreditation has cost your organization more time, money, and internal resources than you had thought and you still feel like you are not prepared for your survey/audit, then this is one informational session you won’t want to miss. Join us Wednesday Dec 30th at 1:00 pm CST for this free web event!

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3 Trends to Watch in Healthcare Information Management

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing: With innovations in medical tools and new successful procedures performed annually, there is no shortage of change. Just as vital to the industry are solutions that help manage the information of the millions of patients who visit each year. To keep up with the demand and to facilitate the process, adjusting healthcare information management practices is a necessity. Here are three trends that are being implemented.

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8 Helpful Questions To Jump-Start Your Accreditation Journey

Thinking about accreditation? Here are 8 helpful questions that you can use as a guide to help ease your organization into the accreditation process. We will group the eight questions into four simple steps, in order to help you jump-start your accreditation journey with ease.

5 Reasons You Need an IRO

Independent Review Organizations (IROs) are often used within the healthcare industry to review a sample of the submitted claims for Federal healthcare programs. But aside from that, working with an IRO has many benefits that effect the growth and success of a healthcare provider. Let's take a look at 5 reasons you need an IRO.

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What Challenges Are Healthcare Leaders Facing This Year?

Here at BHM we are predicting that 2015 will be a year of change for many healthcare systems. With this change, healthcare leaders will be faced with many challenges, including complying with new federal regulations and making strategic moves towards better care. We've compiled a list of the five biggest challenges we foresee healthcare leaders facing this year.

Best Denial Management Strategy: Avoid Denied Claims

It might seem painfully obvious, but when it comes to denial management, the best way to avoid denied claims is to make sure that your claims are correct and, therefore, won’t be denied. Thinking that’s easier said than done? Well, if you have the right information — and the right tools — it doesn’t have to be.

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