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BHM is currently one of only four organizations in the United Stated to have achieved the URAC Patient Centered Health Care Home (PCHCH) Auditor Certification. BHM’s Certified Auditors are available to perform audits anywhere in the 50 United States, with available time blocks which are convenient for your organization.

[icon name=”icon-phone-sign”]Call BHM Today at 1-888-831-1171 to schedule your PCHCH Accreditation Review, or email us at results@bhmpc.com.

What URAC PCHCH Auditor Certification Means: For more information on URAC’s PCHCH program, please visit the URAC PCHCH Website. Organizations who successfully meet the requirements to be PCHCH auditors will be allowed to independently audit health care practices to determine if they meet the URAC PCHCH Standards.  In order to receive PCHCH Auditor Certification, an organization must first show that they themselves meet URAC’s stringent standards in relation to operations, training, processes, and systems.  In addition, the organization must meet additional business requirements, attend specialized auditor training, and pass validation requirements.  The organization must also meet all applicable HIPAA business associate requirements, and successfully undergo an evaluation in which they are tested on their understanding of the URAC PCHCH Standards.

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