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Why Denial Management is Essential to a Healthcare Organization’s Profitability

Health insurance claim denials could be causing your organization to lose a significant amount of revenue each year. An effective Denial Management strategy is one of the fastest ways to recoup lost revenue, and ensure that you are being paid for the care that you are providing.

BHM has been in business since 2001 and has successfully helped our clients manage claim denials to optimize profitability with our unique denial management processes. We will match our denial management models with the unique complexities of your organization to align with your organization’s culture and mission to provide increased efficiency and profitability.

Industry studies indicate that approximately 25-30% of healthcare claims are rejected or denied. This results in millions of dollars of lost revenue each year. The majority of these losses can be avoided by implementing our unique denial management process.

BHM’s CORE Principles for Denial Management

healthcare denial management

BHM’s comprehensive denial management models focus upon:

  •  Denial Assessment- Dynamic data gathering and analysis to pinpoint denial causation by denial type and payer.
  • Implementation- Smooth process to reduce or eliminate denials with noticeable results in 60 days or less.
  • Prevention- Don’t just manage denials that occur, prevent them from happening in the first place and maximize your revenue.

Proven BHM Results
BHM has a proven success rate in denial management. Our consultants know the winning combination of strategies and methodologies to drive the process utilizing data, and to quickly reduce or eliminate denials.

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