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Do you know the key areas of accreditation due diligence?

Yesterday I had two interesting calls yesterday with potential clients. Both were required to be accredited but had some latitude about the specific accreditation body.   They had a number of questions about which accreditation body that should chose. Below I have outlined a number of questions that an organization should think about when picking an accreditation agency. Let’s discuss the key areas of accreditation due diligence.

Key Areas of Accreditation Due Diligence

The following areas are important to consider during an organization’s due diligence:

  • Has the accreditation organization established an excellent reputation in the industry?
  • Is the accreditation organization recommended by several respected professionals?
  • Has the accreditation entity established a reasonable and competitive cost structure?
  • Does the accreditation entity’s staff exude professionalism in every possible venue?
  • Is the accreditation organization known for treating potentially accredited healthcare organization’s staff with respect
  • Does the staff at the accreditation entity go the extra mile in collaborating with healthcare staff to interpret standards?
  • Is there a formal, user friendly process for obtaining information related to interpretation of standards?
  • Remember to review the standards to see if they are relevant to your organization, to ensure that no other accreditation entity provides a better match, and that the applicable standards are not prohibitive for your organization 

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