Meet the Staff of BHM!

BHM Healthcare Solutions. Meet the Staff of BHM!

Meet the Staff of BHM!

Hi there! For the next several blog posts, BHM would like to take a moment to introduce you to a few staff members and provide an overview of our services. Our healthcare consultants bring a collaborative, knowledge-based, and broad building style to every project resulting in measurable results. We do this by joining an organization’s management team and providing data-driven solutions and improvements. Meet the staff of BHM!

Mark Rosenberg, MD, PhD (and CEO of BHM Healthcare Solutions)

We’ll start with our President and CEO, Mark Rosenberg. He has both an MD and a PhD and has been a professional management consultant for decades. Dr. Rosenberg has many years of experience in managing healthcare programs in both the public and private sectors of healthcare. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg has been the featured presenter, or keynote speaker at more than 20 conferences across the United States.  Most recently, Dr. Rosenberg has been focused on assisting providers and delivery systems in improving their overall profitability and efficiency.

BHM Healthcare Solutions offers a vast array of services aimed at optimizing the financial and operational performance of healthcare enterprises. And with healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act in the process of being implemented, the financial and operational well-being of your entity is more pivotal than ever.  Our organization provides services nationally and internationally working with insurers, government agencies, and heath care providers. As specialists in health care management consulting, we can improve the efficiency, profitability, and processes of an organization. Whether you are looking for physician advisor services, or help with successful accreditation, BHM can assist you in finding a customized program that will fit the needs, budget, and demands of your business.