Healthcare Reform is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is also affectionately known as ObamaCare. It was first signed in March 2010 and has over 90 changes that go into effect from 2010 to 2014. Many lawsuits have already been filed questioning whether this act is constitutional or not. The 2 issues of particular interest are individual mandate and expanding Medicaid. This article will focus on expanding Medicaid. Please return to our site to view Part 1 – The Basics of Individual Mandate. Let’s dive into expanding Medicaid.

Healthcare Reform – Part 2 of 2 – Expanding Medicaid

Healthcare Reform – Part 2 of 2 – Expanding Medicaid

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Medicaid is a program that is administered jointly by the federal government and the states. It provides insurance for low-income Americans who can’t afford health insurance. The federal government provides funding to the states, but the states ultimately administer the program. The expanding Medicaid part of Healthcare Reform will provide coverage to more Americans by increasing the amount they can earn and still qualify for the program. This is going to be a very expensive endeavor. The federal government is going to fund the initial cost of the program, but will then pass the costs on to the states beginning in 2016, with the states having full responsibility starting in 2020. The court issued a limited ruling June 28, 2012, saying that the federal government could expand the Medicaid program, but that it cannot take away current funding if the states choose not to participate in the program.

All those opposed……

As with every regulation, expanding Medicaid has both those that are opposed and those that are in support. The opposition comes from the states which believe the expansion program is unconstitutional on the basis that it is an unfunded mandate. The government is telling states to add services but not providing the funding to do so.

All those in favor…….

The supporters are defending the law stating that the federal government is well within its rights to set the rule for the federal program. The 11th Circuit Court of appeals is in agreement with the supporters.

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