Maybe you’ve heard us talk about IROs before, but you’re still not 100% certain why you really need one. Independent Review Organizations have many features and benefits that extend beyond the realm of medical neccesity. In today’s post, we’ll make the case for IROs so the full picture becomes more clear.


Access to Knowledge

External IROs are helpful because they provide a breadth of specialists and experts who can provide objective insight into cases that you may not be able to handle in-house. Think about it: If you had a medical necessity case and needed an expert to make the call, would you have someone you’d trust to make that decision (and have it stand up in court, if necessary?) IROs relieve that pressure and act as a third party so you don’t have to worry.

Lower Cost

Outsourcing to an IRO means you only pay for services when you need them–not as on ongoing expense. With constant pressure for lower costs and tighter budgets, this could be the perfect solution that then frees up resources to be used elsewhere.

Unbiased Decision Making

Even when we try our hardest to keep personal biases out of the equation, they have a way of slipping in. Working with an IRO removes that possibility from the equation and ensures that each patient gets the same, uninfluenced decision made by a completely uninterested party.


Some IROs use peer review technology that make the process even more efficient and accurate (regardless of volume.) Plus, when you can same time and money, your opportunities to grow as an organization increase. It’s a win-win.

Less Risk

IROs remove a significant amount of risk because they are required to maintain compliance. Plus, based purely on the fact that they provide unbiased decision, your staff can rest assured that their decision-making abilities won’t be questioned.


The utilization of External IROs is now a requirement in the new healthcare reform environment. Organizations which only use internal review departments may be not only increasing risk for their organization, but wasting valuable dollars through costly systems and infrastructure that do not make sense.

Consider Change

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